Our services

Clinical studies

Our full-service research project management covers the entire life cycle of a clinical data collection and includes scientific sponsorship by CIRSE society. Key services include:

  • Investigator initiated research support
  • Protocol design and development
  • Data management and statistics
  • Site identification, selection and training
  • Data collection and validation
  • Dissemination, publication and promotion services

Research services

From small-scale consultations to integration of our research staff into your project team, we offer a broad range of services, fully customisable to your needs.

Specialised regulatory services (EU)

  • MDR compliance services & data collections
  • GDPR compliance services

Project support services

  • Consultation
  • Strategic project development
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Structured literature reviews
  • Project management
  • Statistics & data management
  • Medical writing & report writing

Market research

We make sure the right questions are answered by the right people. We conceptualise, design, set-up, run, analyse, and disseminate results of projects aimed at better understanding the medical device market and the utilisation of minimally invasive therapies

  • Consultation
  • Investigator/Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Structured interviews
  • Consensus meetings